Workers’ Compensation, Tracking & Reporting

Our Workers Compensation Tracking & Reporting Services provides the client with peace of mind which allows them to focus on what they do best and leaves the details to us.

Our integrated partner, E-COMP’s no deposit pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation program is a unique solution that offers your company a simple and efficient way to free up cash and minimize your audit exposure. Premium payments are based on actual, real-time payroll data to minimize over or underpayments at your year-end audit.

Your workers’ comp policy is shopped with more than 20 insurance carriers to ensure you are paying the lowest rate possible!

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With the Workers Compensation Tracking & Reporting services we can:

  • Track Workers Comp Class Codes on a per payroll basis
  • Report employee wages to the Workers Compensation provider based on the policy requirements
  • Generate Monthly Premium Payments
  • Facilitate Annual Audit
  • Assist with Policy Renewal

Commonly Used Providers:

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