Wages On-Demand

Employees are often preoccupied by financial stress and businesses need a way to stand out from competitors. ZayZoon provides employees early access to their earned wages, bringing flexibility, convenience and speed to payroll that impacts both the lives of workers and the bottom line of your business. Employees can access up to $200 at a time for a $5 flat fee to avoid overdraft fees, late bill payments or cash flow shortfall between pay days.

  • 38% of employees report being distracted at work because of their finances
  • 81% of ZayZoon customers indicated needing their payouts for necessities like groceries and medicine
  • $702 is the amount of money an employee keeps in their pocket each year by using ZayZoon instead of payday loans, and avoiding overdraft and unnecessary fees.

ZayZoon funds all transfers, there no risk or liability to you. ZayZoon handles all employee support so there is no administrative overhead for you and data is exchanged with your systems to allow employees to securely create an account within seconds.


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