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Brittani, President

Brittani has over 15 years of experience in payroll. She received her undergraduate degree in mathematics from UC Santa Barbara. After graduation, she joined The Payroll Factory and never looked back. In 2015 Brittani passed the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exam. She formally took over the company in 2017 and continually works to build the payroll service she would like to be a client of. Well, she is technically a client, though admittedly not a very high paying one! This all translates to a belief in true customer service; a personable human being answers our phones, we work to get the payroll done right the first time, and we outwardly appreciate our clients’ business.


Stephanie is our Office Manager and resident Detail Wizard. She heads implementation, utilizing her strong attention to detail to ensure that all new clients get off to a great start. She also manages our tax department and initiates all federal and state tax payments. Her background in Human Resources and Accounting, as well as her Associates Degrees in Accounting and Social & Behavior Sciences, has helped her to develop a sensitive consideration of both her clients and coworkers. She helps to ensure our customer accounts are handled with a highly discretionary and professional touch, while providing a positively delightful customer experience.


No stranger to the wonderful world of payroll, Alissa has spent the last 15 years in sales and account management roles— serving hundreds of payroll companies across the country. Knowing how critical it is to provide the best service, products and experience to clients, she has developed in-depth connections to the partners and integrative solutions that best support small business payroll needs. As our Director of Marketing & Integrations, she engages with current and future clients on the latest pay technology and must-have ancillary services!


Known in the office as our “Highlighter Queen”, Jeanette was made for an office setting! Whether it’s her love for highlighters, organization, paperwork, or incredible patience, her BA in Child Development from Sacramento State prepared her for the fun, exciting chaos the wonderful world of payroll can bring. Her fine attention to detail coupled with her desire to continually challenge herself, are greatly appreciated in her role as a payroll specialist!


With many years in hospitality and the non-profit space, we’re delighted Cintia has brought her experience to The Payroll Factory! Following graduating from UCSD with a BA in Sociology with a focus in International Migration, Cintia was introduced to us when working at her uncle’s vineyard management company. The client-side experience sparked her desire to dive deeper into the payroll space. As the newest member of the team, she is excited to continue learning and navigating the wonderful world of payroll as a payroll specialist, with caffeine in hand and a hilarious one-liner on the tip of her tongue!


As our office pup, Francine greets incoming clients and employees. A total people lover (at times perhaps too much so), she helps to maintain our inviting and fun atmosphere. Who said payroll was boring!? She can often be found snoozing on the job, begging for a walk or sniffing out hidden snacks and lunches.

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